Penetration Testing


Penetration Testing identifies vulnerabilities of a system or an application. By and large, vulnerabilities include design errors, configuration errors, software bugs etc. To get a understanding of Vulnerabilities, they are the risks involved in disrupting access of an authorized system or data.

A pen doesn’t cease with uncovering vulnerabilities. It goes further to exploit those vulnerabilities in order to prove (or disprove) real-world attack vectors against an organization’s IT assets, data, humans, and/or physical security.

In a competitive environment, more than anything, creating and maintaining a secure IT infrastructure is of utmost significance and it requires specialized knowledge, talent and expertise to stay ahead of the evolving risks.

Penetration Testing Methods

  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Product Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application penetration Testing
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
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