MCITP Server Administrator

MCITP: Server Administrator certification to demonstrate your leadership and problem-solving skills in working with Windows Server 2008. Server Administrators are recognized among their peers and managers as leaders in the day-to-day operations management of Windows Server 2008. Demonstrate and communicate your ability to take system-wide ownership of Windows Server 2008 administration and increase your organization's return on technology investment by earning the MCITP: Server Administrator certification.
In preparation to earn an MCITP Server Administrator certification, Mazenet recommends a Training path based on a candidate’s background: 70-642: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring
  • Introduction of networking in 2008 server.
  • Basic components in networking.
  • IP addressing, subnetting, default gateway.
  • TCP/IP configuration, ip v4.
  • Explain about hub, switch, router.
  • Administrative tools and routing and remote access.
  • Routing between router1 and router2 enable software routing.
  • Using command line configuration and graphical configuration.
  • Routing information protocol and open shortest path first.
  • IGRP and EIGRP protocol explanation.
  • DHCP relay agent configuration with dhcp server.
  • IPsecurity monitor, ip security policies, WSUS.
  • Primary zone and secondary zone transfer.
70-640: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring
  • Introduction of active directory and domain tree infrastructure.
  • Domain user creation and group creation.
  • Assigning group policy in computer configuration and user configuration.
  • Domain controller implementation.
  • Filter policy and block policy inheritance.
  • Software deployment.
  • Software restriction policy and folder redirection.
  • Roaming profile in domain controller.
  • Map drive creation in a domain user.
  • Domain trust relationship.
  • Additional domain in an existing domain.
  • Child domain in existing forest.
  • Resultant set of policy.
  • FSMO roles
  • RID master transfer.
  • PDC emulator.
  • Infrastructure master.
  • Domain controller and additional domain replication.
  • ADDS, ADLDS, ADRMS, ADFS, ADCS installation.
70-646: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator
  • User creation, group creation, sharing and security.
  • User permission, simple sharing permission, NTFS permission.
  • Encryption, compression, disk quota.
  • Map drive creation, profiles –Local, roaming, mandatory.
  • Remote desktop connection, remote assistance.
  • 2008 server os installation, 17 roles explanation.
  • Workgroup and domain controller.
  • Domain user creation and domain login authentication.
  • ADDS installation and domain joining client 2008 server and windows7.
  • DNS services installation, primary zone creation, record creation.
  • Host record, alias record, pointers, NS lookup commands.
  • Connecting with client computer name to ip to name.
  • Internet information services installation and web server configuration.
  • HTML webpage creation, host to a new websites.
  • Dynamic host configuration protocol configuration and installation.
  • Application pool, scope, lease, reservation, server option.
  • WDS-windows deployment services, windows 7 os install remotely.
The duration for MCITP Server Administrator is: Regular Track: 80 Hours (45 days) Fast Track: 80 Hours (20 days) Exam Duration: 3 Hours
The server operating system, file structure, and directory services; handle software distribution and updates; monitor servers; provide tier-2 troubleshooting support; support engineering and change-management projects; build and configure servers; implement auditing policy; perform scheduled vulnerability-assessment scans; and monitor logs for firewalls and intrusion-detection systems. 70-646: PRO: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator 70-640: TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring 70-642: TS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring
No prerequisites for MCITP Server Administrator.
  • Required Skill set:
    • Basic Computer Knowledge
    • Basic Hardware & Networking Knowledge.
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