Corporate Training


Mazenet has been a corporate training provider for 20 years, skilling the workforce of our clientele. We provide services in skilling, up-skilling, cross-skilling and expert skilling the resources of an organisation. Training delivery can be through Instructor-Led training, Digital Learning Platforms or Blended training as per your organisation’s requirement. Our active clientele includes 3 out of the ‘Top 5’ MNCs, 15 IT corporate giants and 20+ large non-IT corporations.

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Zero Cost Hiring


Zero-cost hiring is the next big thing in recruitment! The process starts with our clients sharing their eligibility standards and technical requirements. Mazenet recruits engineering graduates based on the eligibility criteria laid down by our clients and train them on the technical stack as per our client’s requirements. The candidates are monitored throughout the training and are evaluated at multiple stages. Only candidates meeting the BU’s requirements and guidelines will be allowed to progress, thus ensuring the onboarded resources’ quality. Candidates will be capable of client engagement immediately after training and can be put directly into the billing cycle.

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Train & Hire


Mazenet’s Train and Hire is a recruitment model for Engineering graduates and candidates with a 5 year IT degree. We post on our website and on our social media handles every time we receive Train and Hire requirements from our clients. Candidates will be able to register online for the program if they meet the eligibility criteria, so watch out for our latest postings!

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Contract Staffing


Mazenet provides contract staffing solutions to businesses that have seasonal or short term IT resource requirements. Our developers have an average of 7 years of experience working on projects in multiple business verticals. Our contract staffing solutions are cost-efficient, and you can avail IT resources without any wait time. With contract staffing, you can focus on core business practices without the additional stress of running and managing a software or worrying about skillset availability.

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