Mazenet’s Software Testing courses are created to give more practical training, covering every aspect of software testing and gain control over the tools. Software testing for beginners to advanced level will equip the tester to effectively carry out the tasks with practical, real-time scenario.

Manual Testing

The process of finding defects or bugs in the software program. A series of test cases will be tested manually without automation tools. By this training you can get to know about test cases, scenarios to find bugs or defects.

Automation Testing

These tools are capable of executing test cases based on the inputs. It provides us the report by comparing past test runs, highly helpful in regression test for products with tons of dependencies.


QTP is a product of Hewlett Packard (HP), which stands for Quick Test Professional. It helps the Quality Assurance team to have automated functional testing seamlessly based on the script development.

Xunit - Nunit,Junit

Nunit is an open-source automated unit testing framework for Microsoft .NET. Junit serves the same functionality as Nunit for Java and it is one of the program in Xunit family.