RPA Training leads you to the automation industry. One of the emerging technologies now trending are automation and development. Course participants will be equipped with complete skills in robotic process configuration for business development.


Blue Prism is the provider of the world’s successful digital workforce and is part of the UK multinational software corporation, Blue Prism Group. Employees doing this certification will learn enterprise robotic process automation software to remove high-risk, low-returns, manual data entry and processing.

RPA @ UIPath

Robotic Process Automation training with UIPath is the niche technology that enables configuration of computer software or a robot to imitate and integrate the activities of humans within the digital environment to carry over a business process. The RPA robots can capture and manipulate data applications just like how the humans behave by the user interface.

Automation Anywhere

Streamline business processes to make life hassle-free, accurate and cost effective. Automation Anywhere is the most widely deployed platform with massive number of bots that process businesses globally.


WorkFusion is the comprehensive automation solution for worldwide operations, integrated into one platform the capabilities you wish to have to digitize complicated business processes like the BPM or Business Process Management, workforce orchestration, robotic process automation and Machine learning powered automation.


Explore PEGA, the business process management (BPM) software built with Java. The goal here is to eliminate coding for the software and do away with automated manual work.