Corporate training in Programming languages introduces the most popular computer programming in languages like Java, J2EE, Angular JS, Spring, Hibernate, Python, etc. The training helps you to control the flow, manage multi-source code files, decipher Boolean logic and ultimately build a web server.

Java, J2EE

Java Enterprise Edition is Oracle’s collection of APIs where the Java platform is used by software developers to write server-side applications. J2EE was originally created by Sun Microsystems to simplify application development.

Spring, Hibernate, Struts

Spring, Hibernate and Struts are frameworks that are used in Java language. Spring is for developing an application from desktop to the web, a mobile application using Java Framework and Struts is for Web frameworks. Training on the above is done by industry experts with real-time projects.

Angular Js , Ang2/4/6

AngularJS is a client-side framework developed by Google. The training builds applications with Angular 2, 4, 6, creates business logic in services and interacts with the server. Participants for corporate training learn to create the first app in Angular, introduction to building blocks of Angular Architecture.

React.Js Python Scripting

ReactJS is powered by Python 3, and assists to build the basic web application. It is a library and not a framework and is easily integrated into a new code base. The fundamental building of React apps and mastering it will give an in-depth understanding of React.

Python Django

Django is a popular web framework for Python. Django, an open source web application framework written in Python language. Mainly developed to solve complex websites and create a web application framework with Django functions.

MEAN stack

MEAN stack training helps build modern web applications. MEAN is the acronym of commonly used technologies and they are, MongoDB, ExpressJS AngularJS and NodesJS. This combo of tools generates traction in the enterprises and is framework based, making it a good place to begin.

Net , WPF, WCF, Silverlight

Corporate training in .Net, WPF, WCF, Silverlight modules are apt for using modern client-side frameworks like Angular JS in one place. WPF creates standalone browser-hosted applications and built on a vector-based engine support using modern graphics hardware.

Sharepoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 training provides the corporate an edge over the others with real-time communication to be the best. Mazenet’s SharePoint 2013 training helps the trainees to collaborate, share and distribute documents with your team using Workspaces and websites.


Magento is an Ecommerce platform, and the training courses are beyond compare when you check out our training facility and courseware. The course covers multiple roles as designers, developers, and marketers giving them real-world skills.