Operating system courses in Mazenet gives the candidates an insight into the foundation of modern computer technology. OS experts are required for programming application. The OS can control all hardware and software resources, contributing to common services for programs.

Windows Administration

Training on Windows Administration tools gives your employees an overall knowledge to become a professional at administering Windows, how and when to use these tools. It has features more than just creating new user accounts or clearing out caches.

Linux Administration

The role of a Systems Administrator is to maintain and manage the operations of the computer systems. Linux certification can shape the professionals in installation, Linux operations, deploying the Linux Kernel, testing and debugging.

Unix Shell Scripting

Training in Unix Shell scripting introduces us to a simple but powerful programming available. Some of the popular shells are CSH, SH or Bourne SHell and Korn SHell (KSH), all the other shells will share the same syntax.

Mac OS

Macintosh operating systems training provides the technical coordinators and system administrators the tools, knowledge and skills to manage, configure or troubleshoot servers and networks.