Corporate training from Mazenet offers Information Security Training with practical, hands-on activities suitable to confidently face the real world scenario. This takes care of the security risks happening on the Internet.

Cyber security

Mastering skills to secure your network is crucial. Cyber security is the body technologies, practices and processes to protect your computers and network from attacks, unauthorized access and damages. The training is about enabling professional to spot vulnerabilities, protect the network from attacks and respond to emergencies.

Ethical Hacking

Certified Ethical Hacker course will cover advanced methodologies a hacker can possibly use to write virus codes, and reverse engineering that protects the company’s infrastructure from breach of data. Mastering this course will equip your employee to secure the web servers, malware threats and beat the hackers.

Security Analyst

The security analyst training helps the professional to be effective and responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of data. The security analyst must acquire the know-how of every aspect of information security within the organization.

Forensic Investigator

The security analyst is responsible for effectively maintaining the security and integrity of data. The knowledge of every aspect of courseware teaches how information security within the company should be protected and maintained.

Penetration Testing

Also known as the pen test, the penetration testing is an authorized, simulated attack on the network systems, which is conducted to evaluate the complete security of the computer systems. The test reveals the weaknesses, potential pointers to unauthorized parties gaining access to the data and features of the system.


The Open Web Application Security Project is an online community developing free articles, documentation, tools, methodologies and technologies in the web application security field. This platform provides impartial information to corporations, individuals, universities and government agencies worldwide.