Introduction to Agile practice

Agile practice is the project management process mainly for software development. The main focus is on client satisfaction and continuous delivery.


ITIL V3 Foundation is a globally renowned entry-level ITIL certification for IT professionals. The present-day IT departments are in need of qualified experts who can deliver effectively. The training includes ITIL lifecycle, how the stages are linked, processes involved and learn the best methods of the quality of IT service management to reduce cost and enhance productivity.

Linux Admin / Command Line

In a world exploding with new tools and diverse development environments, the developers or engineers are expected to learn some sysadmin commands. This course helps to learn the basic commands, manipulate files and directories, write text to files and become an expert terminal user.

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 training program helps gain skills needed to master Windows Server technology and provide the knowledge to build the local and cloud-optimized infrastructure. The course gives an in-depth understanding of management, virtualization, network management, storage and enables an advancement in one’s career with such expertise.

Windows 10

Our industry experts train the workforce on Windows 10 to successfully build an excellent user-experience that would provide control over security, configuration, and management.

Scripting with PowerShell & Python

Experts in Scripting with PowerShell training are dedicated to imparting parsing and shell scripting language from Microsoft. Being an automation platform for Windows servers and environments, PowerShell uses.Net framework and a command-line tool. Python programming certification training enables the participants to learn the language from scratch. Master the Python programming in data operations, object-oriented training, file operations and other libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib which are used in Data Science.

Networking Essentials

The training is on core networking concepts for trainees who are new to IT Support and learns how to troubleshoot common networking issues. Overall understanding of networking topologies, LANs, WANs and the Internet, network protocols, TCP/IP and troubleshooting networking using networking tools are covered.

Introduction to DevOps

DevOps training focuses on successful patterns practiced by high-performance organizations. DevOps methodology transforms and improves operations of the company when its concepts covering the principles and practices are followed.


Git is a version control system (VCS), tracking changes and solves versioning problems with files and codes used by multiple people for software development. Mazenet’s Git training helps understand VCS and its features, Setting up Git in the system, create branches and track files, and learn about merging, cloning, and others.

Cloud Basics

Training in the latest cloud computing platforms that include Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and many more. Mazenet offers corporate training courses designed to keep up with the rapid changes happening in the technologies in the cloud. The training covers the fundamentals of the cloud to deep learning techniques, comprehensively.


Jenkins training enables the participants to master the implementation of continuous build environment, set-up production grade instances of the Jenkins server, with automated tests, quality reports, and audits.

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator training in Mazenet covers all one needs to learn to be an Azure administrator like managing subscriptions and resources, deploying virtual networks and machines, managing identities, implementing storage, managing apps and migrating servers to Azure.


Master the JIRA Software with real-world examples by learning how to manage, administer, working on and searching for issues, customizing dashboards on agile projects; learning Scrum, the stakeholders and overall flow of work; administer JIRA to create users, groups, configure issues, screens, workflow and fields.