AI and Blockchain are cutting-edge technologies and Mazenet has a power-packed curriculum. The Blockchain is the stored data in an encrypted immutable format. Artificial Intelligence is developed to make the machine capable of intelligent tasks.

AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Mazenet’s Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning with TensorFlow is for aspiring Data Scientists who want to have rich hands-on training in various deep learning projects. Deep Learning is an AI function that emulates the human brain in creating patterns and processing information for decision making.

Natural Language Processing with Python

Learning NLP or Natural Language Processing identify and separate words, build fake news classifiers, and extract topics in a text. The basic libraries like the NLTK use deep learning to solve common NLP issues. Your employee can get the foundation to process and parse text with Python learning.

Machine Learning with Mahout

Machine Learning with Mahout is a highly scalable machine learning library that makes it easy for developers to use optimized algorithms. Popular machine learning techniques, like classifications, recommendations and clustering are implemented by Mahout.