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The Help Desk Institute (HDI), founded in the year 1989, is both a professional association and a certification sponsor. The effective mission of HDI was to facilitate professional development and promote organizational success through exceptional customer service with more focus on help desk operations.

HDI is part of UBM Technology which operates the Black Hat, Fusion and Interop conferences, and produces such online publications as InformationWeek, Network computing, and Dark Reading.

HDI Support Centre Analyst (HDI –SCA) can be defined as the standards developed by International Certification Standards Committee to define as the knowledge an individual is expected to comprehend in a specific role. HDI certification exams are based on standards.

HDI for over 30 years has partnered with innumerable organizations to raise the quality of customer service and service management by enhancing their processes, educating their employees and empowering their strategies and ideas. All professionals from the C-level to directors and managers benefit from HDI as a definitive source of information, leadership and performance planning.

HDI aims to transform the support and service organizations by reinventing their approach to deliver excellent service and values. This is possible by,

  • Facilitating collaboration and networking
  • Creating and managing acclaimed events and conferences
  • Promoting renowned publications and research
  • Training and certifying thousands of professionals every year.

HDI provides individuals with the training to prepare for the certification exams while enhancing their knowledge and skills based on the certification standards. The open standards can also be studied independently for any training and help prepare for the certification exams.

HDI Mission Statement

HDI is the leading organization dedicated to evaluating service and support across the enterprise.

The purpose for HDI-SCA Certification

The customer service and support center analysts deliver frontline support and act as the immediate point of contact for customers. It is vital that their services and support deliver high-quality customer care services constantly.

Hence, HDI-SCA training and certification effectively focus on emphasizing problem-solving and troubleshooting skills, support center strategies for completely satisfied customers, incident management, contact handling processes, communication skills and introducing service management procedures.

A comprehensive certification that lends frontline technical support and primary point of contact for clients to customer support professionals and service professionals. The main aim is to get support professionals and analysts to deliver high-quality customer care services.

Who benefits from HDI?

HDI certification and training gives the opportunity and foundation to build a good career in your organization. Who needs to do HDI? The technical support professionals at all levels of the organization, irrespective of the size of the company need HDI for their career success and an increase in overall productivity of the business.

Executives and directors

Top management executives and leaders recognize that an efficient support center improves the overall health and value of the company.

Managers and team leads

HDI helps managers balance the organization’s goals with teamwork and ultimately develop into full-fledged leaders.

Frontline analysts

HDI is the frontline analyst’s source for understanding how the industry evolves while providing tools to develop the next generation of leaders.

  • The process of incident management, right from detection, recording to closure.
  • Critical thinking skills to resolve incidents quickly and constantly
  • The value of the service management process and the important role they play in providing quality support.
  • An awareness of core help desk processes and the best practices.
  • Valuable active listening skills and communication strategies.
  • Proven techniques for improving customer interactions.
  • Effective support center strategies for managing difficult customers.


Individuals preparing for the HDI Support Centre Analyst certification exam. Technical support employees who need to learn the critical steps required to effectively manage and prioritize incidents and minimize escalations. Those company employees who are required to master customer service skills to handle difficult customers and improve customer experience.

Examination Content:

Unit 1: Role of the support center analyst:
Support Industry Evolution
The role of the Analyst
The value of the Analyst
The future of service and support

Unit 2: Structural Framework of Service and Support
Understanding the business
Structural Components Overview
Strategy Services
Service level management
Standard operating procedure
Business Alignment

Unit 3: Service Management Processes Best Practices for Services and support
Request fulfilment
Access Management
Security Management
Knowledge Management

Unit 4: Tools, Technology, and Service Delivery
Systems Thinking Approach
ITIL Support Tools and Technology
Support Delivery Methods
Social Media

Unit 5: Understanding Metrics
Systems Thinking – Applied to Metrics
Quality Assurance

Unit 6: Communication Essentials
Communications Essentials
Active Listening Voice Components
Effective Word Choices
Written Communication
Effective Cross-cultural communication

Unit 7: Troubleshooting & Incident Management
Troubleshooting and Problem-solving
The incident management process

Unit 8: Customer Management Skills
Challenging customer behaviours
Emotional Intelligence
Expressing empathy
Managing customer behaviours

Unit 9: Personal & Professional Development
SWOT Assessment
Personal development skills overview
Time management
Stress management
Managing your career


HDI Certification reflects the level of knowledge required for specific roles, ranging from Customer services executive to Support center director. HDI offers training that aids individuals in preparing for the certification examinations and developing knowledge and skills based on the certification standards.

The open standards can be studied independently of the training as well. Further to these certifications, HDI offers certifications in KCS Principles and ITIL Foundation.

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