Why obtaining a CCNA certification will boost your resume?

The two most important factors for a successful career are knowledge and experience. And to flourish in any industry we need to keep track of all the possibilities that come with building a strong and withstanding platform for ourselves With software eating the world, it is only necessary that one attains training in the relevant IT related field. Even though Certifications can at times add up to the fact that it is just a piece of paper, A CCNA certification can act much more than just a mere certificate.
Firstly CCNA requires a professional expertise to master it in practice let alone clearing the CCNA examination.

Although there are still many people who believe certification is nothing more than a piece of paper, nothing could be further from the truth, especially in regards to the CCNA certification. Cisco arguably being the biggest player when it comes to the It industry holds a great amount of weight age when it comes to a certification that comes from the company. Attaining a CCNA certification is one among the many ways to demonstrate your practical knowledge in the networking field and your commitment to the job you are undertaking. Employers come with the mentality that their networking staff is certified and this will only add more flavor to you as a product.
Here below are a few reason why CCNA will play a pivotal role in boosting your resume:
• Better Employment opportunity- Once the CISCO CCNA Certification is undertaken, it is not the end of the story. Because as much as it boosts your resume and acts as a great catalyst in boosting your employment, it requires a added hands on knowledge in the same. Holding a CCNA certification in itself ensure that you are prepared enough to become a CCNA practicing professional and that you get hired.
• Elevates your knowledge and expertise- You continue to learn a great deal by working as a network specialist or even a network administrator. This will in turn help you advance up the ladder in your IT Career. Your resume will stand out and fetch you your dream offers. You also get welcomed into businesses who consider CCNA professional a asset to their company. If you are operating as a Linux or Windows administrator, you will have to interact with a large group of networking professionals and your CCNA certification and your CCNA training will provide you the knowledge to communicate in a professional way.
• Provides new and numerous opportunities- CCNA can fetch you far-reaching opportunities in terms of the possible profiles that you can apply for. It can go beyond the networking and IT firm.A CCNA certification course can play a great part in the sales field. It pushes the customer to believe that you hold the right amount of knowledge require d for that particular field. This can help in building the trust of the customers and in boosting your productivity as a sales person who i trying o pitch in your product.
• Name of the brand- While any certification from a verified certification provider plays a major part in pushing your profile up, a CISCO verified certification is indeed a big win for your resume as its brand is undoubtedly a big boost for anyone seeking a professional career in the IT field. The CCNA Certification becomes instantly recognizable in your CV for the kind of prestige it comes along with.
• Provides prerequisite knowledge for other certifications- In order to enroll into any certification or training course one will need to hold a certain amount of pre-requisite know;ledge which will help them in pursuing the course successfully and in overall clearing its examination. This is where a CCNA certification plays its part in providing you with the knowledge needed to clear any other networking course as it sets its standards for excelling in any other course.
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