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Why choose big data in the current world? What are the future predictions of big data?

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In the current world, the sectors including marketing and pharmaceutical companies have been using data-driven decisions. Using the algorithms, information about shopping habits can be influenced in a great way. But, recently, big data has reached a peak where there is a high potential to explore. This information will help greatly. 

Not only in the present days, but Big Data is about to rock the future too. There are plenty of Big Data trends that might help corporate understand and get clarification about their doubts before Big Data implementation. 

Latest Big Data Trends 

Big Data Trends

Keeping track of Big Data trends, it is necessary to monitor the daily shifts in the wind. It also includes the minute to sense a direction that has to be changed. Yet, the following trends are clearly the way to shape the Big Data technology going forward. 

Proliferation of data

The proliferation of the data will be more enough to analyze the data to gain valuable insight. Forrester declares that the companies are moving around the data business in the current situation. The increasing number of individuals on the internet make their way that forsakes an increased opportunity. With increased opportunities, many individuals are handling things at the right end. 

By 2020, the data will be worth to analyze and predict future scenarios. Using the empowerment of the organization, the data-driven decisions will increase high speed and thereby brings in the emergence of the data hero. It helps in shaping the future of the business. 

Increasing streaming analytics 

Big Data analytics will experience a great revolution in 2019. Using the data analytics, the default enterprise capability will be adopted and thereby the technological implementation will help companies to gain a competitive advantage. Using the data, many companies might evolve in a competitive environment which might enroll in bringing more advantages. 

In order to achieve this, there are multiple technologies. It will be an acceleration using open sources. It might bring in the streaming engines including Spark Streaming and Apache Flink. Thereby, there is a tight integration that might provide an open source in the enterprise using easier approaches. 

Increasing Data analytics

In 2020, the interconnected devices are projected at an angle that hits 34 billion. There are many businesses that will explore and exploit the benefits. It might enable the business to reach ahead. With the help of big data, the marketers get an invaluable score. And, the IoT will add further value to it. Along with better targeting and personalizing ideas, the business will bring many useful products to its customers. At the same time, technologies like IoT will unleash many benefits to bring in great potential. 

Hadoop at its Best

In 2019, the Hadoop has become a giant adoption technology. As compared to 2016, this year has been a fruitful year for the Hadoop technology. It will not replace any other databases and thus will be an essential part of IoT data ingestion. 

Increased focus on data analytics in the cloud 

Enterprises are expected to have more big data projects which might drive the clouds in the droves. Thereby, moving data from one cloud to another might increase the intensity of adoption. The latest capabilities will turn on the data into action. It also enables the cost-effectiveness which might involve on-going maintenance and operations as well. In the upcoming years, there are more data in the cloud. It might enable the enterprises to select the best analytics tools including Spart or Flink. 

More demand for big data and analytical skills

Many organizations will adopt Hadoop and other big data technologies. It might include a rapid elongation in introducing innovative Hadoop solutions. Enormous businesses have been hiring more big data analytics to provide better service capability. Businesses will bring in big data analytics software which might provide a better service to their customers. It will bring in a competitive edge that opens up the capabilities involved in for the coders. Added to it, the data scientists will have mind-blowing benefits. 

Salary hike for big data specialists 

Apart from the other cases, the salary of the big data scientists will experience a solid hike. According to McKinsey Global Institute, the demand for data scientists will grow for about 12% a year. As a great plan over, by the year 2024, there will be an acute shortage of data scientists in the US economy. And thus, the salaries are predicted to increase from $135000 to $196000. It may come around an increase of 5.8% over the 2016 salary levels. 

Improving customer experience

As everything has become socialized these days, social media has become the best thing to attract customers. In order to better understand the customers, the health monitors, taxi apps, and other social media have been revolving around. And, they are efficiently used by the business owners. In order to increase the revenue of a particular product, it is necessary to remove the risk of lost revenue. 

By doing so, the company will get a creative impact on the business thereby enabling the data-centric business. Thereby, it also helps in identifying the revenue streams and saving costs and improving customer intimacy. 

Increasing Monetization

Many experts have stated that big data and the creation of a huge volume of data will result in monetization. According to Michael Dell’s prediction, big data analytics will be the next trillion-dollar market. With the help of the monetization effects, the enterprises might increase their market consumption using their own data and thus making a 100 fold marketing. 

Time to achieve maximum business intelligence

According to Forrester’s expectation, enormous firms have been looking into the drive value and thus the revenue has become exhausted fumes. By 2020, the organizations can be able to analyze the available data that might deliver actionable information. In this case, there will be an extra gain of around $430 billion in productivity benefits. It might give around less analytically performed peers. 

Ultimately, in the nutshell, the big data seems bigger and bigger in the year 2019 when compared to the days in the year 2016. Many patents for innovative products, huge growth might generate data. At the same time, the customer demand also shows that the data will become a driving force that might enhance in taking the business decisions in the year 2019. 

Hence, the future will give pace toward Big data, Big opportunity, Big decision, Big scope, and a Big career.