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“Train and Hire model” – An efficient and time-saving recruitment approach

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Do you still believe in the traditional recruitment model? Gone are the days when corporate companies hire and train the employees in their roof. Though few companies are into it still, plethoras of companies have set their mind upon the “Train and Hire” model. Instead of hiring the candidates and then training them, corporate wish to hire trained candidates from an experienced hand. 

Why corporate prefer the Train and Hire model?

According to the “Distribution Hiring Process” report, in the quest to recruit, screen, and train new employees, both small and medium-sized companies have been spending between $4,125 to $7,645 (i.e. between 286223.44 rupees to 530467.44 ) per new recruit. 

But, the train and hire model avoids unnecessary outlays including infrastructure cost, trainer cost, etc spent on training the resources as Train and Hire model is cost-friendly for the corporate.

Corporate giants are adopting the process of hiring the candidates after training from the experienced workforce institutions. Do you know why? It is mainly because of the enlisted reasons which even makes you think about the Train and Hire model once. 

  • Train and Hire model saves time in on-boarding and training a resource.
  • On average, every business has been spending 21.4% of an employee’s salary in training them. For example, the average hours taken to train an employee are around 33.5 leading to an average training cost of about $1,252. Train and hire help in breaking the chain and diligently engage in training the employees. 
  • Workforce development companies with its rich database can filter the right candidates across diverse locations. It broadens the way of picking the skilled employees to the companies with the specified screening methods. 
  • Rather than losing employees after training, companies find the Train and hire model as a wise option to hire trained candidates. 

The Train and Hire model remains a halt for the corporate in overcoming the above-said factors. 

Train and Hire model at its peak!!

Today, technologies are developing at a fast rate without leaving a challenging task for corporate in search of skilled employees. And here, the Train and Hire model works effectively to make the situation handy. With the help of the Train and Hire model, the clients can hire trained resources under any preferred domain.

Coming to the fresher’s point of view, the Train and Hire model is really a potluck for them. After college, the freshers are academically qualified to enter into the Train and Hire model. Though they are academically capable, there is a huge skill gap between the present education and the employers’ needs. In that case, getting efficient training from the experienced institution pays back good results to the freshers. 

Mazenet’s Train and Hire model

Mazenet Solution Train and hire model, is the bridge to connect the right candidate with the organization who are in need of trained candidates.  Through Mazenet’s Train and hire model, the company can onboard the resources with required skill sets at Zero cost. It is a vital key to train the candidates as per the client’s expectation. At Mazenet, Train and Hire take place in two models. 

  • We recruit and We Train
  • You recruit and We Train

In the first model, Mazenet conducts off-campus and campus drives in various institutions to satisfy the client’s expectations. Candidates are selected based upon the eligibility and the test pattern under the client-mentioned domain. For instance, when the client wants their candidates to undergo a test under a specific pattern, Mazenet implants it during the initial selection method. 

After the selection process, training takes place accordingly as per the syllabus requested by the client. In the second model, Mazenet aids in training the already recruited candidates of the client. 

The process of the Train and Hire model in Mazenet has been enlisted below.

Step 1 Client’s requirement comes first!!

Before indulging in the hiring process, it is necessary to go through the client’s requirement in points of technology, the number of candidates they need, eligibility, etc. On the whole, after having a clear note about the client’s guidelines, Mazenet starts hiring the eligible candidates and train them accordingly. 

Step 2 Picking up the right candidates 

Mazenet starts picking up eligible candidates through multiple screening rounds that focus verbal, quantitative analytics, and reasoning skills of the candidates. Once the candidate completes those rounds successfully, then it is time to enter into the training phase.

Step 3 Training starts here!

Mazenet’s training highlights the client’s requirement and trains the candidate. With an energetic panel of technical expertise, the candidates can effectively undergo training without any drop-down factors. Here, the trainers are well experienced and have the prism of understanding and training candidates on a plethora of new technologies. In between, the client can audit the progress of the candidates through assessments. 

Step 4 Multi-stage assessments

Usually, corporate expect a candidate to have skilled at day one. It is the main reason why corporate prefer the Train and Hire model. In that case, Mazenet regularly tests the candidates in the requested domain through frequent assessments. Groom them under a specific domain to make them handle various projects in their role. 

Step 5 Picking talented candidates 

In this step, the client company ought to interview the candidate and analyze them. The client selects the candidates based upon their performance in the interview. 

Step 6 At last, On-boarding

After successfully completing the interview, the client can on-board the candidates. 

Bottom line

In recent years, the Train and hire model has been on top due to its increased need. Due to its flexibility and advantages, many companies have put forth this model as the right one. Be one among many companies to try Train and hire a model and get benefited with the skilled workforce. 

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