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Top predictions for IoT in the near future!!

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IoT in the Google search reveals an estimated range of around 280,000,000 results. Media has played a great role in creating a connection between smart home wearable devices and the automobile world. IoT has begun its part to become more popular in dealing with the right things. But, when it goes along with the complete picture, Gartner brings up the efficiency that demands an extensive range of new technologies. It also adds up the skills which might engage many organizations to master. 

The recurring theme might involve the IoT space which might bring in the immaturity of the technologies and the services. The vendors providing the different managing risks might create the key challenge to make the organizations exploiting it along the IoT. There are multiple technological areas which may enrage in a lack of skills. It also poses significant challenges. 

In the upcoming years, IoT will make a range through a different realm that has undergone a major change when compared to the olden days. IoT is a greenfield market that pretends to play along with the business models, new approaches, and solutions as well. It may appear out to be more intend and indulge upon with more incumbents. But, the business is the key market that might include the recognized intervention relating the wearables and connected homes. The IoT adoption will be similar to the traditional IT diffusion model and thus the consumer-led adoption will create a personal mobility factor as well. 

Here are the top predictions of IoT technology which might admire multiple organizations and clients as well.

Top predictions of IoT technology


The platform is the key to success. Applications will multiply and will become increasingly inexpensive as well. The connectivity will cost pennies to get established. Keeping that in mind, a bundle of IoT platforms may indulge in the infrastructure components of the IoT system. Those infrastructure components can become a multitude to indulge IoT systems into a single product. There are huge services that have been provided through multiple platforms. All these platforms fall into three main categories. 

  • Low-level device control and operations that might improve communications, device monitoring, and management. It also includes security, and firmware updates as well. 
  • IoT data acquisition, transformation, and management.
  • IoT application development that includes event-driven logic, visualization, analytics, and other adapters to connect with the enterprise systems. 

Standards and ecosystems

According to Gartner, the IoT devices proliferate and as a result, new ecosystems will emerge. Therefore, it will become a commercial and technical battle among the ecosystems. IoT will dominate the areas including smart homes, smart cities, and the healthcare sector. Organizations will create products that help in developing variants in order to support multiple standards. The ecosystems are prepared and are used to update products in their life span. 

The standards might evolve and the standards might bring up the APIs in turn. The battle between the mindshare of the IoT application will find billions of devices projected in the petabytes of data. Many application developers will find a field day launching back thousands and millions of new and cool apps. Similar to smartphones, the apps will become fighting for the mindshare which might arise on the top to value the businesses and the customers as well. 

Event Stream Processing

Gartner specified few IoT applications will generate the high data rates that have been analyzed using the real-time applications. Creating tons of events per second has become a  common factor and thus made many telemetry situations possible. In order to address many requirements, distributed stream computing platforms have emerged. Many organizations have involved using parallel architectures to process high data streams. It helps to perform tasks that might bring in real-time analytics and pattern identification. 

Adoption of IoT in Healthcare

In the near future, the healthcare industry will see increased adoption of IoT devices in its realm. Many types of research and facts suggest that IoT has the potential to grow in the future. Frost and Sullivan have also suggested that the internet of medical things has the potential to have a compound annual growth rate of around 26.2% and possibly it will reach around $72,000 million within the year 2021. 

IoT medical devices including portable devices, medical equipment, and sensors with health monitors have been shaped to connect with the IoT. Virtual assistants and other mobile health applications will merely allow health professionals to monitor the patient’s health simply being at home. There are multiple intelligent wearables that help in communicating the patient parameters. On the other end, smart cars also play a permissible role in taking care of patients. Many safe tracking apps will allow families to track eye to eye.


IoT enabled smart stores

In recent stores, IoT enabled radio frequency identification tags have been literally made possible in the future world. Inventory management will become simple and fun using RFID technology. It is also useful to know more about the stores. Many necessary things will become more permissible to know the number of visitors visiting your store. IoT will help in identifying the number of customers visiting and it also records the movement and product interactions of the customers. 

Customers are closely watched with smart lighting technology which might enable the shop owners to know the customers’ needs. With the help of these smart IoT devices, there are multiple ways to collect data and improve the store inventory. When things ought to be changed, then the store owner can make adjustments over to the product display as per the customers’ liking. 

According to experts, consumers have been targeted to suffer a blow and lead. It helps in decreasing the funding growth. If the companies would depend on the industrial IoT applications, it helps to design new infrastructure. In the coming years, enterprises and technology experts are expecting a gradual increase in the growth of various sectors including agriculture, health, insurance, telecommunication, and other automobile industries as well. It helps in creating new techniques and strategies as well. 

Growth in the data-sharing economy

Beyond the years, data sharing has become a valuable asset for different partners and vendors. In the future, there are multiple companies that might be in an environment that allows manufacturers, vendors, and partners to share data and insights in a trusted and secured manner. Many trend points available in the advanced analysis will be the key to maximize the IoT value in society. 

And, now it is the time to go for the 5G connections at low-cost internet. The speed redefines the connectivity over it. IoT devices will rely upon the low data-rate and thereby insist on low-powered networks. As the 5G networks have been rolling out with the high-end IoT devices which can be linked to the virtual, augmented reality, and other added algorithms. 

Blockchain with decentralization efforts

As the blockchain technology is cryptographically safe, it logs have been divided into a ledger system that helps in transferring the data between two or more parties. 

IoT traditional system has become a centralized structure and thus using analytics, the information has been sent in the particular form to the device and to the cloud as well. It will help in retaining the information back to the device itself. Many IoT gadgets have a centralized network that becomes an IoT bandwagon in which the users might have vulnerable threats that bring in the present state as well. It will not ensure any flexibility. Knowing the potential weakness, the centralized architecture will bring in exposed things in hand to the enterprise.

Taking trust and security into account, the blockchain is essential to safeguard the data. Multiple smart contracts will allow the IoT connected devices to operate on a safe track with the help of blockchain technology. 


Number of IoT appliances tend to increase

In the year 2020, around 20.4 billion IoT devices will bring in immense popularity and thus manage everything from the setting appointments. In order to manage energy consumption and home security, it is necessary to count everything upon every device. As the incorporation over every device integrates with IoT in one way, then it is expected to have 50 billion devices in the year 2020. 

IoT security increase

As per Gartner’s facts, the sleep attacks will increase which eventually increases the threat in the market. Those attacks using the malicious code have been propagated through the IoT. aiming at the batteries in the devices, it helps in keeping the devices awake. IoT has also introduced a wide range of new security risks and challenges that might indulge in the IoT devices and their platforms as well. The operating systems and the communications and the connected systems might bring additional hope towards the information attacks. Physical tampering and communication encryption are the best deeds that add up with the rising popularity of IoT devices. 

IoT enables more secured routers

The IoT enabled devices to make the home smarter and efficient when compared to the olden days. And, it becomes more secure from cybercriminals. Many home devices have been connected with the internet with Smart TV, security cameras, and other door lock mechanisms. It also adds up the luxury and comfort to your life. The router here also plays an important role in picking up the security point of view. While smart IoT device has been protected, the router will bring in protection toward the password production, firewalls, and configure it with the certain device in the network. 

Final thoughts

The maturity phase of IoT has just begun which might fulfill all the expectations of the business in the coming years. There are many IoT development factors that don’t happen overnight. Many companies are bracing themselves to know the possible way of adopting IoT technology in their sector. To make better IoT implementation, the handshake of knowledged employees has become a mandatory factor.

A prominent myth has been revolving around the IoT market that shifting from one technology to IoT is not possible. But, to their expectations, many companies have been shifting their technology toward IoT. the implementation goes well once all the employees have been skilled under particular technology. Mazenet Solutions’IoT corporate training for corporate employees has been benefiting surplus corporate companies to have a successful IoT implementation.