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These 10 key steps to build a high ranking website are really amazing!

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Are you a small business owner struggling to start a website? Here is your roadmap to help you build a business site. Many small business owners have been well aware of the importance of site for their business. But, the pitfall is that they are not focusing on getting an effective web design. They just consider it as a factor to market their products or company digitally. However, the site has been the base for a successful organization. 

If you are the one who has been looking to build your site effectively, here are the 10 key steps to focus upon. Following these key steps will help the business owner to build his/her site effectively. 

A good domain name matters a lot!

A domain name is the entry point of sale which carries the web address of the respective company. The domain name can be as impressive and catchy as it can because it is the trump card that has the power to grab the audience toward your site.  While choosing a domain name, keep your brand’s popularity in mind. If your company is a newbie, learn what attracts your customers the most. 

The secret tips to pick a good domain name is revealed here!

Make it short and clear: While choosing a domain name, do not make it so messy. The customer who accidentally encounters your site for the first time must feel at ease. So, it will be easy to remember and type easily. 

Pick proper domain extension: It is suggested to use .com domains rather than using other domain extensions like .org or .net. Unless you feel the domain extensions like .edu or .gov feel appropriate, do not go for it. 

Eliminate numbers and hyphens: As more numbers and hyphens are less elegant and hard to remember, using it in the domain name is not wise. There are higher chances of misunderstanding while vocalizing the domain name. 

Choose a domain name that facilitates future growth: While choosing the domain name, think of the purpose of your site. If there are chances to expand your business in the future, think wise and choose the domain name suitable for it. For example, is a broad domain name that includes all categories. 

Create SEO-friendly URL: Choosing SEO friendly URL is the foremost thing to focus upon while choosing a domain name. Try to go with the domain names that include your geolocation or appropriate keywords suitable for your business. 

Purchasing a scalable website from an experienced hosting provider is divine!!

If a website needs to be displayed on the internet, hosting services play an integral role. The website owner can approach the best hosting provider to deal with their queries. A website hosting company will provide the service and the technology to the client. So that the client can connect their domain with the internet with the hosting services. 

The cost of hosting services usually varies according to the quality and experience of the hosting company. Usually, all hosting services come with two plans namely monthly and yearly plans. If you purchase yearly plans, you have the chance to get discounts compared to the monthly plans. 

Here are the guidelines to choose the best hosting provider and the plan that suits you and your business. 

Choose the best servers available: After selecting the hosting provider, ask them the type of hosting services they provide. Comparing the different types of hosting providers like dedicated servers, shared servers, and virtual private servers, I would strongly recommend virtual private servers. The benefits of virtual private servers are high when compared to the other normal servers. It helps in giving similar affordability like shared hosting and increased security and potential as dedicated servers. 

Choose a hosting provider with customer support: The hosting provider you ought to choose must have 24/7 customer support. It can be either through phone or in person. Email support is also good to go with. But, the resolving time may become too long. 

Check whether the hosting provider has easy to use interface: In order to access your server, there needs to be an easy to access server interface. Actually, the terminal commands are used to view or make changes in the server contents.   But, using the server interface eliminates the usage of terminal commands. 

Check on the server security: It is necessary to have a look upon the server security of the servers. The server you choose must enable your access to the data through SFTP. Using your server contents, the server must create daily backups. There must be only one or two clicks needed to install Sockets Layer certificates (SSL). Make sure that the hosting company has been preserving server data through routine server maintenance. 

Some of the popular website hosting companies are,

  • GoDaddy
  • DreamHost
  • In Motion

Though the site needs many props to perform effectively, the hosting service is the main thing to have a glance at. It is important to balance all the points mentioned to get an effective website in return. 

Give a clear picture of your business

When a visitor visits your site, he/she should be able to gain information about who you are and what field you are indulged in. Without getting answers to these two questions, the visitor may feel quite confused to proceed further. So, giving a clear description of your business flow will help the visitor stay on the site and engage in other activities like purchasing, information gathering, price comparison, etc.

In particular, when your site welcomes the visitor with a visual representation at the home page, the level of attraction increases. The first impression works out well and the visitor will surely get excited to know more.  Additionally, keep a text burp at the top corner of the page representing who you are and your business’s motto. Have a look at the navigation too. The navigation signs and the relevant information should guide the visitor in the right way. 

Manage contents in your site effectively

In order to manage the content effectively in the digital world, there is an application named Content Management System. CMS helps you in maintaining the site. No need of technical knowledge to handle the CMS software. Choose the CMS as per your need. Few CMS are used for extendability, friendliness, and budget. 

Here are the few CMS platforms that have been helping more customers in the long run. 

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Wix
  • Joomla
  • Squarespace

Using CMS helps in designing and framing your site. With the help of content management, you can feel free in managing hectic content management tasks. 

Choose the best eCommerce platform

As eCommerce will potentially increase your profit, it is necessary to consider the best Ecommerce platform. Though as of now, your site is not indulged in selling products, getting the right technology for your site is always advisable. If you want your customers to transact money online, then choosing the right technology becomes mandatory here.  

Here are 5 benefits of a great Ecommerce platform

  • An eCommerce platform is easy to administrate
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Easy usage for you and your customers as well
  • A lot less downtime will be experienced
  • Platform with increased security will be noticed

It is important to create interesting user interface

The website interface leaving positive impressions is what suggested the most to the small business owners. It helps in driving results to the site which helps to increase the number of visitors too. Here are a few suggestions that attract the visitors thereby making your user interface more impressive. 

  • Design your site with easy fonts with beautiful graphics
  • The graphics in the site should be optimized to fasten the site’s loading time. When the pictures are not optimized, the visitor will face a slow loading problem. As a result, Google will penalize your site. 
  • Analyze your competitors’ site and work on similar types to keep yourself a better competitor. 
  • Research for the target audience and know what they actually expect from your site. Try to give the content and the products similar to their expectations. So, the number of visitors might increase in a positive way. 
  • Throughout your web design, do not divert your focus on the brand. Stay consistently on the brand throughout the site. 
  • Visitors entering your site must get relevant information with quick navigation ways. It is also necessary to publish all necessary contact details. 
  • Create all standard pages including home page, about us page, management team, site map, products/services, privacy policy, and other additional pages. 

 Optimize site using search engines

Using SEO strategies, you can optimize your site to get a track ranking in the Google results. When your site reaches the index and ranking of the search engines, then Google starts listing your site as per the ranking. Once Google crawls your site, it compares the similar sites. As long as our web design and user interface is good and engaging, the ranking goes up without any hurdles. 

The popular SEO practices have been enlisted below

  • Keyword research and implementation
  • Fast page loading 
  • Having an SSL certificate
  • Having a mobile-friendly site
  • Existence of high-quality backlinks ( links generated from the external site) that enhance traffic to your site
  • Having more positive results online on Google
  • Using social media to link to your site

SEO is the main concept that shows a great difference between the sites ranking first to the sites ranking at the 10th place. 

Regular fresh content update

For search engines, content must be fresh and unique. The ranking of the site increases according to the uniqueness and the quality of the content. It helps you to engage your visitors and thereby make them visit your site regularly. Do not fail to update your site as per the market and the visitors’ expectations. Mainly, the content on the site must be reader-friendly with an on-brand tone. 

These things help in the perfection of the static page content. In addition, testimonial contents are a great sort of contents that helps you to gain visitors’ trust. It helps in making your small business more attractive. 

Installing webmaster tools also helps in cases!

Use webmaster tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to see the areas which you need to work upon on your website. These tools help you in tracking the essential information on the site. A few essential information tracked down from the tools include the following. 

  • Get data related to monthly, weekly, and daily visitors count. 
  • Get data on the number of views for each page of your site.
  • It helps in analyzing the bounce rate. The bounce rate is actually the situation when the visitor comes to your site and goes back in less than a minute. 
  • It helps in calculating the average time spent on the site by the visitors.
  • It crawls your site for errors including broken links on your site
  • Other relevant information that helps in enhancing the SEO ranking of the site.

Implementing a website maintenance plan is safer!!

Instead of developing a website and directly allowing it to go stale, it is necessary to prepare website maintenance. It also helps in securing your website from hacking.  

Here are the tips to create a website maintenance plan for your business. 

  • Go through the webmaster tools and get essential information about the site. 
  • Use the traffic data to learn the expectations of the audience and what you need to focus upon.
  • Make sure that all the software are up to date
  • Run a security scan to be clear whether your site is safe from hacking and other malware activities. 
  • Allow visitors to post their feedback about your site
  • Make sure that there is data backup in multiple ways once a day and at least once in 10 days. 

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, you might have a clear picture that creating a website is not as easy as you think. However, there are ample ways that bring you the best ranking to your site. Indulge in knowing more information about web development and enhance your page in the online marketplace.