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How classroom training benefits corporate employees? Here is the answer!!!

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How classroom training benefits corporate employees? Here is the answer!!!

In today’s digitalized world, there are numerous learning opportunities that lead access to plenty of training methods. With the blooming virtual learning opportunities, why are corporate bothering about selecting the best training method? 

Many business owners already know that training is an essential part of the business. Choosing the best training method for your company is a bit daunting. After getting an overall decision about it, either the business owner will come down with the cost and the size of the employees. Choosing the right training method for your staff literally signifies how successful your employees are when they function as a team. 

Out of different training methods, classroom-based training is one of the most traditional options. When many companies wish to tune their employees in the preferred technology, there are many platforms worth considering. Among all, the best emphasis has been based upon teamwork, group learning, and social interaction. All learning methods have been becoming more adaptable to the current learning need. 

Every training method including classroom training, E-learning, Virtual training, etc has its own advantages. With a greater emphasis and the necessity to teach valuable skills and information, the corporate wish to choose the classroom training which is the traditional method undergone by the individuals since their schooling. 

“80% of all communication is Non-Verbal”

In the current world, individuals often encounter an overwhelming increase in the number of organizations moving toward traditional classroom training. Though they are familiar with online learning, both the employer and the employee wish to get a clear vision about the technology they wish to explore. Why is it so? In the ever-changing virtual world, the traditional way is always welcomed and has a strong foundation in the learning realm. 

Embedded in the learning process, traditional classroom training can never be completely replaced through modern technology-based learning. Should I hire next training sessions online or shall I need to fix with the other training methods? This is the question among the minds of many corporate companies that wish to indulge in corporate training classes. 

Here are the advantages of classroom training sessions that you have to look at. 

  • Building personal relationships
  • Engagement and focus
  • Practice
  • Discussion and debates
  • Individual attention when needed
  • Instant clarification of doubts
  • Learning from peers
  • Compressed schedule for fast learning

Building personal relationships

One of the main aspects of attending classroom training is to build personal relationships and enhance networks among people. Though e-learning provides you a virtual network through chats, messages, groups, and forums, it will not give you a satisfying approach as like classroom training.  It never fulfills your mind like

 classroom training. With every method of learning, merits and demerits fulfill the learners’ search. Classroom training satisfies individuals to attain personal interaction. Notably, the employees undergoing courses like Six Sigma and DevOps are highly preferring classroom training when compared to the rest ones. The significant benefit of classroom training is adding a “human touch” to every learning module. 

Engagement and focus

Compared to classroom training, the possibility of multi-tasking is high in e-learning. When you are in a controlled environment, the engagement of the concept will be high. It helps to sow a great responsibility to make you involved and engaged. E-learning with those of the lessons also includes scenarios that include watching videos, presentations, reading articles, etc. It requires more self-discipline and focus. In classroom training, the ought to follow many strategies that help the learners to get attention to the concept. 

In addition, if a learner gets distracted, it will be noted down by the instructors. As there will be peculiar monitoring, the learners will have a narrowed clearance with their idea. The instructors will recognize the learners’ problems and attempt to solve them in a fast manner. The instructors will also have thought of bringing down the boredom feeling and crack a few jokes that may refresh the minds of the learners. Who knows, when AI has been developed immensely, we can expect AI doing the same thing in the classrooms. 


E-learning will help the learners to do lots of simulations and quizzes. It helps in practicing the particular concept. But, how will it be the same when the learners are practicing the same thing under the supervision of an instructor? When a supervisor is there to correct the learners’ flaws, the base level of the concept will be corrected. The learner will also have a strong foundation regarding the technology or the particular session. There are many chances of carrying over where it is impossible with e-learning. 

Discussion and debates

Human interaction has the magic of creating a strong foundation in mind when compared with virtual ones. There are a lot of things to be learned from manual instructors in-classroom training. Health discussions and debates are the tricky ways that help in making the learners analyze and understand the concept. The learners will also pay attention to those things in order to collect viewpoints of the discussion. Few learners will get a new point which they might have not gone through earlier. The common ground will help learners to get along with the other learners with different mental waves. 

Individual attention needed

As we all aware of the point that every learner is unique and their learning abilities are unjudged. Few learners are smart and independent. So, they can solve the problems or understand the concepts well without any guidance. On the contrary, there are people who need an explanation for every concept. And, they will also find a few difficulties in switching over from one domain to another. Hence, the entire domain seems a hurdle for them. 

For those learners, the instructors have to pave special attention where they can get an explanation for all the things they ought to understand. DevOps is one such emerging topic. It demands a rich explanation of the dedicated classroom sessions. It will lay a better foundation for the learners. 

Instant doubt clarification

For instance, consider that you are taking up a course for Six Sigma green belt training. At one point, you will be stuck and you need an explanation to get cleared. If you have adopted e-learning, what will be the scenario? You need to search for the forum or debate session to get your doubts cleared. But, in the sense of classroom training, there will be a mentor who is readily available to clear your doubts, irrespective of the time. Even the simplest doubt can be cleared without any hesitation in classroom learning. 

Learning from peers

While interacting with the mentors after the sessions, the learners may get an elaborated idea about a few things. A peer to peer knowledge regarding the concept will be gained by the learners. During online interaction, the chance to establish communication will be lacking. It adds no excitement to the learner. But, they seem to establish how to interact with one another as a professional and be cooperative. 

Compressed schedule for fast learning

Classroom sessions are conducted in which the learner will hold a technical certificate for each learning. When the session has been squeezed to one or two-day courses, then it will leave the candidate in a compelled environment to complete the certification. It will not allow the candidate to go out of track. Alongside, in the e-learning strategy, the compressed schedule is not possible and hence the time to complete particular certification lapses around. 

With technology rushing toward new business opportunities and strategies, the right time has arrived to train the employees and enhance the success rate of the organization. We, in Mazenet, are evolving in the current training platform. The requirements of the businesses also differ from one another. It is time to get on board and train your employees under a particular technology.