How Big Data helps to Boost your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

How Big Data helps to Boost your Inbound Marketing Strategy?


Data is the customer information, statistics or relevant information about the business that your company obtains over the years. Big data is the cumulative data sets each company acquires to reveal trends that benefit your business.

In people perspective, Big data is a pure volume of data. That’s why most of the Big data use cases and examples of big companies, hospitals, cities, and governments, as this kind of organizations possess large volumes of data. Big data is so vast that it is cannot be analyzed manually, so companies rely on computational processes.

Data is used to improve the marketing strategy and that requires you to certify with the right tools in place and man. Without these, data will remain a bunch of random numbers. There are various tools like SalesForce, Google Analytics and Marketo which helps to gather the marketing data and analyst are hired to break down these gathered data.

Use of Big Data by marketers today

Today, marketers need access to data beyond the data they own. They are open to huge amounts of branded and public data about customer behavior and usage which demonstrates a potential customer’s insight.

How can you improve your Business strategy?

1. Progress Campaigns to attract your customer profiles

Data is used to tune into the customer profiles and their identities so that the target hits every time. This then nullifies the doubt on how the public will receive the marketing message and campaign.

2. Upgrade Marketing Budget Management

The main task faced by marketing managers is to stay within the budget when providing the ROI. The use of data marketing is directly focused on allowing the managers to stay within the budget limit.

The main aim is to target paid advertising like search and display ads, social media ads, etc. The amount of money spent on paid efforts is calculated based on the number of clicks.

3. Build real-time exhibit to buyers

Marketers need to send messages at the correct time. Timeline and relevancy are the qualities that set the basis of an effective marketing campaign, email click-through rates, and consumer engagement with your brand.

4. Target on user experience to enrich Digital Marketing Efforts

The user experience is the major thing that digital marketers need to focus on. After seeing the advertisements, contests or social media posts, most of the audience ends up on a website or a landing page. The marketing helps to keep the user engaged with the website or the landing page. Data from the websites give you details on part of your page your target audience is clicking on the most. This type of data in marketing helps to increase your conversions and improve your user experience.

5. Provide good content for your Audience

Blogging or posting in social media is very effective at generating revenue. We look at promotions through social media and content creation as that acts as a good source of revenue.

The main revenue generator in marketing is a blog or social post. Content creation is a way of promotion which brings the web page traffic if the quality of content is good. The first thing that attracts a user who purchases or views a website is the content and the quality of the content of the web pages. Thus content marketing is an important way of using data to provide better content for your audience.


Data Science is a regularly growing field with new techniques being introduced as the old ones get outdated constantly. Professionals who are certified in Big data, who analyze data and create useful information are greatly wanted by companies globally.

Big organizations use Big data to solve business concerns by manipulating data for their business actions and to initiate business outcomes. There are various opportunities for Big data certified professional which rely on the vision and leadership delivered by organization’s senior leaders. Big data certification thus creates opportunities like never before.