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Hire candidates at zero cost

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Every country reaps its benefit of economic dividends only when the youngsters of the country prepare for the required skills. It is a known fact that AI will become the master of all sectors in the near future.  

As per Nasscom’s IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council chief executive, Amit Aggarwal’s statement, the industry is spending about 10,000 crore rupees for reskilling and human resource development. 

Not only India, but every country has been facing the shortage of skills in employees. So, is it better to convert manpower into systems? Is it possible? No, changing the scenario upside down is quite impossible. Agarwal also stated that around 70 job roles were identified across 10 technologies that will require future workforce to have around 150 varied skills. 

Balancing manpower is what the utmost thing taking place in the current era. Hence, many companies have shown interest in recruiting candidates who with prior training under their domain. 

Normal recruitment 

Every company had conducted innumerable interviews where the candidate has to undergo several rounds. Say, for example, the normal recruitment process undergoes the following steps.

  • Listing jobs on job portal /career
  • Social recruiting
  • Job application process
  • Interview process
  • On -boarding process

These are the common steps that corporate companies undergo to hire a candidate. Companies think that they might train the candidates in their domain after the recruitment process. Unfortunately, half of the freshers entering into the company through normal recruitment do not have domain knowledge that meets the company’s demands. 

Train and hire program

Hire Billable Resources at Zero Cost Model –

Train and hire program is the method where the workforce development partner understands and works at zero cost to satisfy the client’s expectations in hiring the suitable candidates. In the Train and Hire program, the company does not spend any amount for the hire. The only thing to do is to choose the right Workforce Development company  that undergoes the excellent “Train and hire” program. The program sows the company with skilled employees at no cost and reaps enormous benefits to the company. 

The partner recruits talented resources through an agreed assessment and trains them on technologies mandated by the client through Off-Campus and Campus Drives. In the training phase, the quality resources will undergo with various technical assessments. And, mock interviews are conducted before their final interview with the client. During the final interview, the client can select the suitable candidates and on board becomes billable from day 1 @ zero cost. 

Why companies must consider train and hire program?

Train and hire program is the beneficial concept that benefits both the candidates and the company. Here, it is important to have a small justification that illustrates why going for train and hire program seems best.  According to the studies done by the Society for Human Resource Management in 2016, it costs around $4,129 to hire a new employee

Companies often prefer candidates from train and hire as those candidates already have training in the respective domain. Apart from it, the benefits of train and hire program has been enlisted below.

  • Cost effective / Zero Cost Recruitment
  • Rapid resource identification
  • Skilled employee hire at ease
  • Dauntless recruitment after successful assessment

Cost effective (zero cost)

In normal recruitment, the company has to invest both time and money in hiring and training the fresh candidate. In order to hire a candidate, the company has to spend on manpower to make recruitment effective. Due to zero cost model, the operation cost spent on hiring process is also saved. 

Moreover, the candidates from the train and hire program already have undergone training at various skills and innovative technologies. By this way, the company has been saving time and money during employee hire. 

Rapid resource identification

Hiring the right source is a tedious task for companies. Through the train and hire program, the provider will give companies with a pool of candidates who have already crossed  levels like pre-screening, aptitude tests, HR interview, etc. Those candidates are ready enough to start the work on the first day. 

But, during the normal recruitment process, identifying the right candidate itself is a tiresome task. Added to it, if he is a fresher, the company has to put forth efforts in teaching them the facts related to that domain. Hence, companies have been moving over train and hire model. 

Skilled employee hire at ease

In the train and hire program, the provider will come up with the candidate till his on-boarding process thereby making it an effective hire. In addition, the company may not have to spend money in paying the providers. The work of the providers is to recruit the candidates as per the company. Hence, there is no need in paying the provider. The candidate will get the job settled for years. The company will get the right candidate to promote their profit growth. 

Dauntless recruitment after successful assessments

Train and hire program selects candidates for a particular company’s requirement after keen monitoring and frequent tests on particular domain. There are mentors and trainers who will help the candidate to attain the knowledge level needed to match the requirements of the company. It helps the candidates to get updated news about the latest developments too. 

Recently, there is an increase in the number of companies to avail the zero-cost train and hire modules. On the contrary, few companies wish to hire candidates through traditional methods. In our firm, we are satisfying the clients with both train and hire module and staffing services. Hence, the clients get eligible and talented candidates as per their flexible mode. Search for the best and avail the best!!

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