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Ethical hacking – An increased need in the current corporate world!!

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In today’s technological scenario, we come across news on data breach at least once a week. Either it is an MNC or moderate start-up company, a data breach is an uninvited guest. 

In past decades, there is a substantial increase in data breaches over diverse industries. According to the annual Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, around 39% of the breaches have been executed by criminal groups in order to manipulate and attack your systems. 

Currently, almost half of the industries have been applying ethical hacking as a predominant asset. The companies ought to indulge in implementing the ethical hacking in the businesses to determine the loopholes within the security systems of an organization. At the same time, ethical hacking can be a precaution against the attack. This is the reason why companies are majorly looking for ethical hackers in order to protect their organization from breaches. 

Many companies have decided to protect their organization and thereby make remedial action before the occurrence of the cyber attacks. Ethical hacking is a specialized profession that requires certification from a recognized institute. 

Importance of Ethical hacking 

Today’s scenario reminds us of the importance of ethical hackers. Every company needs an ethical hacker to handle security and privacy issues. Companies indulge in tuning the ethical hackers to strengthen their company thereby finding the possible vulnerabilities. The work of ethical hackers involves using refined steps to prevent malicious hackers from exploiting the data. More people have been using ethical hacking as a growing industry to use the skills for both fun and profit. 

Do organizations really need ethical hackers? 

Yes, of course. Cybercrimes have become more common and are increasingly spread across the sectors. With the guidance of competitor sites or through terrorist attacks, the funding criminals ought to breach in the data needed by their client. Many businesses today have been facing this challenge to safeguard their information and to have a flawless business flow. 

When the security systems of the company become complex to break, the hackers find it difficult to get through. In the hacking field, hacking has to be defeated through hacking itself. 

Many ethical hacking firms with trained professionals are indulging in corporate training sessions to withstand the security breach that can be prevented beforehand. Ensuring service and confidentiality is the main key factor in ethical hacking. 

Recently, Google announced that it will pay the security researchers up to $30,000. The task is to find the vulnerability in its Chrome browser. In addition, it also said that it will pay up to $150,000 to any individual who finds security holes in the Chromebook devices. 

When the technology updates the hacking tricks, and the coding methodologies have to be updated. In the case of cyber attacks, the traditional businesses still lack the proactive federation of implementing ethical hackers in their company. 

Much new malware, worms, and viruses have been springing up daily. Hence, the need to make their employees aware of ethical hacking is important. Getting corporate training under Ethical hacking is a considerable and valuable step towards a secured business environment. 

When you invest in training your employees on ethical hacking, you will get immense benefits, thereby securing the network. 

Who are ethical hackers? What do they bring in for an enterprise?

Ethical hackers are well-trained professionals who work to improve system security. Their predominant work is to identify the security flaws in the system. After identifying the flaw, the hackers are responsible to fix and make it strong enough. Also, it is very important to test the sites of the company after getting their consent. There are high chances of negative diversion when even good-intentioned hackers visit the client’s site without any notice. 

Furthermore, ethical hackers should not involve in dirty or bad work that may seem to be phishing. It is considered as a criminal offense as per law. Among the hacker’s field, Gray Hats Category is the category that comes under the most hated category among hackers. White hats always say that they will not trust the occasionally illegal jobs. Hence, they ought to be white hats. Unlike white hat hackers, there are black hat hackers who ought to indulge in illegal offense and steal the information from the system or network without the owners’ consent. As ethical hackers have been working for positive data security around 90% of their time. Hence, the black hat philosophy is utterly opposed to their goals. 

So, what does ethical hacking mean for enterprises?

Ethical hacking for enterprises is the main thing to consider in order to bring security to the circulated network. There are a number of ways through which ethical hackers can help organizations. 

Helps in finding vulnerabilities

Whether it is a large or small or medium sector, every sector needs well-built security measures to encounter the upcoming business challenges. When the security measures are effective, it needs to be updated and should be looked out for the vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers indulge in evaluating the organizations’ systems and report back to the company stating the requirements in increasing safety. For instance, when the security password is very easy to break, then it is necessary to take in an unbreakable and difficult password. 

Organizations can make use of the data tests that bring in effectiveness to the security system. Thereby, the hackers will make use of the tricks to keep their client’s network more secure than before. The hackers will also guide them in improving security measures and preventing cyberattacks. 

Once the hackers have completed their evaluation, they can send their report back to the company. Now, it is the turn of the company leaders. They have to choose the action towards the vulnerable areas. For example, when there are many insecure applications or exposed factors related to the company’s network, then the organization has to fix it with necessary measures. From these tests, the organization can get the overall informed decisions and thereby feel free to improve the security posture. These measures will help in preventing cyberattacks. 

Demonstrates the methods used by cybercriminals

With the help of ethical hackers, the organization can find the techniques that ought to be used by malicious actors. In the same way, ethical hackers will move toward things in the right turn. Companies with in-depth knowledge about the attackers’ technique can bring in fortune toward the system to make it even better. Thereby, it also helps in cracking down the hacking technique used by the hacker.  

Helps to face cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are a powerful attack that has the ability to cripple or destroy the business. Especially, when cyberattacks come around the small business scenario, many companies are unprepared. Unprepared organizations are the ones which ought to get affected first. 

 Organizations are under constant cyber-attack – Recent happenings conclude 

While coming to cyber threats, banks are always the first and foremost target. When the target gets misled, then it is up to the other sectors. As per a source, a portion of $25 billion in banks globally has been spending on security technology per year. In today’s world, security has become a mainstream requirement. 

To stop a hacker, one needs to go along the pathway of a hacker. Hence, the relevance of an ethical hacker begins. As ethical hackers ought to have permission from the organization, they cross-check and test the vulnerabilities in the respective organization. 

Giving employees ethical hacking training is indeed a good move!!

UK businesses have almost lost around £100m that intakes around 28% hike in the 2017/2018 statistics. According to the statistics, it is mandatory to make employees understand the things that lead to hacking. Thereby, many companies have indulged in the Ethical  hacking training. Corporate training under ethical hacking greatly reduces vulnerabilities in a certain network. 

With the help of increasing ethical hacking opportunities, training the employees helps in molding them and thereby reducing the vulnerabilities of the company. The company can also invest in training its employees (trusted source) to handle its network. Thereby, it also helps in preventing cyberattacks beforehand.