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Discover the future of recruitment – Train and Hire

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Over the years, leading IT companies have constantly invested staggering amounts on training and development of employees before being taken into their fold; fully-equipped for on-the-job projects. Nowadays, the trend is changing where major players have slashed down their training costs by partnering with experienced training companies. By outsourcing the recruitment, training and hiring process of their prospective employees, these companies save time, money and last but not the least, the frustration that results from it!

Train and Hire model is one-of-a-kind strategy that has emerged across the globe. Freshers and job seekers are put through a test to make certain they are capable and inclined to learn the new course. The corporates provide the train and hire company their requirements of what they expect from their employees at the time of joining their organization. The domain where the new employees will be working on is decided by the outsourcer at the time of joining.

What is a zero cost model?

When MNCs outsource their recruitment and training strategies to top training partners in the market to train and hire on behalf of them, a fee is paid by the candidates, hence it is a zero cost model of onboarding.

This venture benefits both the companies and the candidates. It provides job opportunities to thousands of fresh graduates hunting for a job. They are taken onboard the train & hire model and are eventually placed in top MNCs. On completion of training, the students are confident and enthusiastic to take up their dream job.

The train and hire expert team has the contentment of training so many students, making them job-ready for a successful career.

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